Detox Supplements Manufacturer

If you want to establish your own nutritional products brand, private labeling is one of the fastest ways to go with. Whether you already have your own brand seeking to expand current products line, or you are at the beginning stage to actively select your products to market in the growing nutritional supplement industry.

We offer ready-to-brand private label supplement formulas for you to choose your own product collection. As a supplement private labeler, we specialize in formulas with vitamins, amino acids, and botanical extracts are available for you to enrich your products line. All formulas are manufactured under CGMP regulation with certificate of analysis provided. With our premier supplements packaging services, we provide every convenience for you to focus on marketing your products, we take care of the manufacturing and regulatory aspect of the industry. We have label contents ready and design options, just select your design and we can print labels for you. As a sports nutrition supplements manufacturer and detox supplements manufacturer, your brand products with labels are ready to go.

For further questions regarding our private label services, please contact Albert Max, Inc. in Chino, CA.